What are we even talking about?

In the online world where Google is king, you may think all you need is a good looking website, a couple social media channels and a pay per click program with Google Adsense or Facebook ads.

You would be wrong. There are two large values a successful and sustainable business simply cannot do without: Being real and being good. Small words, big ideas here folks.

What do we mean by Be Real?

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you can’t even get a tank of gas or buy a burrito without hearing about how AUTHENTIC the experience was, or how TRANSPARENT some insurance agent was, or how well some website CRAFTED THEIR CONTENT. Buzzwords are kind of dumb.

What people (not just millennials) are looking for are products and services that are REAL. Not fake. Not acting real. Just real. Companies with people who understand the problem, who admit things aren’t perfect, and who also experience pain. Companies made up of people who need hope for a better solution. Not sales-y corporate environments. Just real people.

Being real is only one side of the coin, however. Let’s be real here. Your company may create a product that’s REAL-ly poorly made, or not much of a bargain. Not good.

You have to also Be Good.

Do you make the best widget at the lowest price? Will people travel for miles for your service? Do your customers stay with you for years, and tell all their friends? Do you have great testimonials coming out your ears? Then you are probably good, and that is definitely good.

Say you have a really good product/service, but instead of being real about it, you pay some hack to write a goofy jingle, design some loud, starbursty packaging, and sell it only at Walmart? People! You are GOOD! You don’t have to be starbursty! Let us develop a marketing ecosystem that attracts and engages the right people to your good product/service, People who are actually looking for REAL AND GOOD solutions. Let us share some real information about your good stuff!

Now, that’s what we’re talking about!