Why You Need Growth Driven Design Site Management

By October 9, 2016Website Design

Once upon a time a company realized they needed to have an internet presence in order to be considered legitimate in the marketplace.

So, they interviewed several web design firms, then selected the one who could deploy a professional looking website with all of the basic content. Content that explained what the company did, offered current contact information, and perhaps even a google maps location. The development firm launched the new site, the company loved it, and paid the firm handsomely for it. The End.

It used to be that launching a new website was the end of the story.

At least, it seemed like it should be. However, a few years down the road, suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) the company realized no one has been managing or updating the site. Over time various aspects of your business have changed. Some may be small, like contact information is no longer current, or price lists have changed. Some aspects may be larger, more strategic, changes, like new products or services, or even your business model.

Even if you current content is reasonably accurate, website design and technology, and more importantly online marketing practices have changed so radically, that old sites may not only be obsolete, they can actually be detrimental to the bottom line.

Your site vanished in the search results page.

If your site has outdated, or stale, content – information that does not attract and engage your target audience – your site is not only unhelpful for your potential clientele, it’s actually detrimental for your SEO (search engine results). Search engines, like Google, have become so intelligent they know what sites offer real information and which don’t. No new, or real, information at your site = Search engine rankings dropping like a bomb.

Spending big time and dollars on a full site redesign.

In addition to the site deterioration we see in the traditional approach of launch-and-leave website deployment, you also had to plan to not only spend a huge outlay of cash for each successive redesign and launch, but you also had to allocate a huge amount of time and other resources just to change strategy and update all that information. It may be that your existing site is so out of date, or obsolete that a full blown redesign is needed. Or it may be that your existing site needs a tune-up plan with an ongoing strategy to keep it attracting, engaging and converting customers. In any case, the days of the launch and leave your site are over.

Welcome to Growth Driven Design (GDD)

How We Drive the Growth

Instead of letting your site (your greatest marketing asset) slowly decay over time, offering less value to your audience, you should be actively looking for ways to make it better. Growth Driven Design site management is the process to help. Once we have launched your site, we can continue to keep your site updated and relevant through ongoing Sprints – which can occur monthly or quarterly.

GDD Process

These sprints involve a four step optimization process, that when completed, are repeated.

  • Planning – Performance vs. goals / Additional data or research / Brainstorm & update wishlist / Impact, effort, metrics, when done / Prioritize sprint cycle
  • Development – Sprint implementation / Setup validation tracking / Develop marketing campaign
  • Learning – Review data / Validate or change assumptions
  • Transferring – Transfer what we learned to marketing team to improve process for the next sprint

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Benefits of GDD Site Management

Improving Relevance = Conversions

By including GDD site management in your ongoing marketing ecosystem, your site content will always be current and relevant. Even more important is that we will continue to hone site efficiency. Ongoing improvements are made, based on information gathered from analytics, viewer feedback, and your changing business objectives. This keeps your website running at peak performance, maximizing conversions.

Budget Your Time and Dollars

Of course, with a continuously current and relevant site, the need to rewrite and relaunch the whole shabang is minimized, along with that big chunk of budget and time. Site management can be budgeted as an ongoing retainer, and the site remains and continues to be a more and more useful resource for your potential customers.

Beneficial For You?

If you are a small to medium business…

  • With a long sales cycle, or
  • In an industry with dynamic information, or
  • Who understands content marketing is now at the center of online sales growth,

… Growth Driven Site Management may be a good fit for you.