Why Inbound Marketing?

By November 27, 2016Inbound Marketing

Are you getting permission from your audience to speak with them? Or are you just interrupting them with your message?

Traditional marketing techniques are no longer producing the results once experienced.

In many industries power has shifted from the business or sales person to the consumer. That power is information – and there is a ton of information for the consumer! Over 80 percent of these consumers are conducting online research before buying.

So you can see why creating and sharing great content that attracts and engages your core audience with real solutions can gain permission to continue the conversation. A conversation that can now build trust between so that when they are ready it’s not too far of a leap for them to choose you.

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals is challenging with all the moving parts. The concept of Inbound Marketing, however, is fairly easy to understand.

Attracting and Engaging the Right Audience

First things first. You don’t want everyone as a customer. Just the ones that will really find value in what you have to offer. To know who “they” are we will lead you through a Customer Persona process to discover who is actually looking for your product or service.

Converting Strangers into Qualified Leads

Once you’ve attracted website visitors, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information. At the very least, you’ll need their email addresses, and in order for your visitors to offer up that information willingly, you need to offer them something in return! That “payment” comes in the form of content, like eBooks, whitepapers, or tip sheets – whatever information would be interesting and valuable to each of your personas.

Closing Highly Qualified Leads to Become Customers

You’re on the right track. You’ve attracted the right visitors and converted the right leads, but now you need to transform those leads into customers. Certain marketing tools can be used at this stage to make sure you’re closing the right leads at the right times.

Delighting Customers so they become your Greatest Promoters

The Inbound way is all about providing remarkable content to our users, whether they be visitors, leads, or existing customers. Inbound companies continue to engage with, delight, and (hopefully) upsell their current customer base into happy promoters of the organizations and products they love.

You’re the real deal. Let’s make sure everyone knows it.

You have a great product or service, and you know who needs it (You are real. You are good.) . Sharing is caring and inbound is about creating and sharing real deal content with the world. By creating content specifically designed to educate and/or entertain your dream customers, you can attract, convert, close their sale, and delight them.