Red Barn Design works in creative marketing and web strategy and has served a broad range of clients for over 22 years.

You may notice there are only two employees listed below.

Our lack of inhouse employees after being in business for 22 years is intentional. We recognize that a larger, inhouse agency could probably pull in some bigger fish, but would potentially take over our lives, and work/life balance is priority for us. So, our strategy is to partner with a cache of seriously talented and reliable programmers, printers, copywriters, branding experts, and photographers, and illustrators who help us meet your project criteria and deadline.

In doing this, we’re keeping overhead low, so we can invest instead in new knowledge, technology, and still end up with a lower bid than the big agencies… which we’re hoping will strike a better balance for you, too.

There are a lot of other details about how it happens, but those details are different for everyone. Please contact us. We’d like to hear your story!

Sally Kennedy

Creative Director and Designer

Sally has design industry experience with visual branding including logos, collateral materials, brochures, books, billboards, print and online ads, and branding guidelines to help keep identity consistent as future materials are created. Website interface design is also a skillset. She is not only looking for creative outlets in design and marketing. Sally loves to experience new places, hike remote trails, eat ethnic foods, enjoy a great movie or book, and play with family and friends.

Rick Kennedy

Marketing Ecosystem Director

Rick specializes in planning, developing and managing your online presence, which is now greater than just a website deployment, or even a Facebook presence and several tweets. He can help create a collection of ongoing, focused messages using the right media, to attract, inform, engage and grow your audience. When he’s not in front of a screen, he is actively looking to be outside somewhere on a trail or road with two wheels and a couple of pedals.