When your audience sees you, do they recognize you?

When a potential customer visits your website after seeing your business card, or clicking your online ad, will they know they’ve arrived at the right place?

It’s critical that your marketing materials consistently identify and reflect your brand – how else will your customers recognize you? That’s what identity design is all about.

What design style connects with your audience? What colors give a positive response? What fonts appeal? Or, maybe you already have some marketing materials, but each piece looks like it was designed for a different company?

Whether you are a new business starting fresh, need a more professional direction for a fast growing business, or are ready for a brand refresh for an already established company, it won’t take long for us to assess where you are in this process. We’ll work with you wherever you’re at.

Design services we offer:

Identity Design

The visual mark which includes your logo, tagline, and other design elements crafted to communicate your brand style.

Design Guidelines

Consistency. To ensure your Identity stays on track, these guidelines will give direction to whoever works on your collateral.

Marketing Collateral

From the smallest business card or brochure to huge billboards, to the most complex web presence, we’ve got you covered.

Sally brings her creative and dynamic energy into every project. She sparks incredible inspiration and magically enhances the ultimate result. She is part of our team, collaborator, and cheerleader!

Carolyn LeftwichMarketing Strategist, Providence FCU

It has been a pleasure working with Rick and Sally at Red Barn. Sally’s designs are creative and beautiful. Rick is thoughtful and thinks of ways for your work to flow and be better than you even imagined.

Amy JauronMarketing Specialist for McMinnville EDP