Marketing & Sales that isn’t salesy or sleezy!

We live in a Google world, and this has and will continue to change the way people, research, and purchase… well, just about everything.

Inbound vs. Outbound

Inbound asks permission to offer people information they want or need.

  • two-way communication
  • customers find you
  • marketer provides wanted information
  • marketer entertains and/or educates

Outbound interrupts to push stuff on people they might want or need.

  • one-way communication
  • customers are hunted down
  • marketer pushes information, adds little value
  • marketer rarely educates

Outbound is OUT

As people have access to more and more information on every kind of device, they rely less and less on sales people to gather information about the products and services they want or need. The Outbound Marketer has less influence, and provides less value than the Inbound Marketer who is busy offering an ongoing array of information and solutions.

  • pop-up ads irritating and drive people away from sites
  • phone #’s on “do not call” list
  • most spam in junk folder, or unsubcribed from
  • tv ads are skipped
  • junk mail goes… in the round file

Inbound is IN

The Inbound Marketer has a plan using content marketing and social media. They offer useful and wanted information in the form of:

  • white papers
  • ebooks
  • podcasts
  • blogging
  • infographics…
  • in an educational way.

It starts with content that is shared through appropriate social media channels…

Which point to a website filled with relevant information and easy for both searcher and search engines to find…

Additional and valuable information is offered in exchange for customer information…

Then that customer’s journey can be tracked…

As the customer pursues more and more of the offerings, they become a qualified lead, ready to talk to a sales person, and happy to purchase a product or service they have learned about at their own pace.

Though the Inbound retainer fees might seem expensive at first glance, companies that make the switch to inbound are actually paying 62% less per lead than traditional marketing. Think about it: less tv ad space, or radio time. Far less printing costs (and less wasted paper!). The list goes on and on!

Inbound appeals to our Northwestern sensibilities by about adding value, and earning loyalty! Authentic value for companies who are real.